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Tutorials showing step by step how to do something in ArchiCAD, help, files and everything in one place. No more wasting time seeking help on forums and YouTube.

Matt Gardner

I could always count on Mrs. Beata's help. Help has always been invaluable during my problems with the project. I have never been left alone.

Anna Fox


Most frequent questiofuga teneturns and answers

This site is intended for all users of ArchiCAD, Artlantis and Twinmotion, as well as for interior designers using these programs in their work.

An account on the site is necessary to access anything on the website. It works on the principle of ‘All in One‘. Within one account you get access to everything. The exception is individual 1:1 assistance, which is only available if you choose the annual fee.

By having a MEMBERSHIP account, you have access to individual email support and live online sessions. Thanks to them you will be able to better understand the use of programs such as ArchiCAD, Artlantis or Twinmotion. (more are coming)

All tutorials and mini courses have been prepared for interior designers. Many of them will be useful even if you do not create interior designs, but you must take into account that some topics such as constructions or foundations will not be discussed on the website or during trainer assistance.

Time to act. Simple. If you are on this site, you are definitely looking for help and a knowledge base. If you really want to use ArchiCAD / Artlantis / Twinmotion or design interiors, you need a place where you can find answers to all your questions – especially those you don’t know about yet. You need support, community and above all … responsibility!

NORMA is the place. If you really want to change something, the time for change is now.

No – everything is available online via the website.

Of course, it would be great if all our members would stay with us forever, but we are aware that this will never be the case. Therefore, you can cancel your account at any time by clicking the button on your account. You can also return and activate your account at any time if you need it.

No. Your MEMBERSHIP account gives you access to the account and content on the site intended for members only. If you cancel your account or don’t renew it, you won’t have access to the content on the site. There will only be access to a free course available to everyone.

As part of the account and the annual or monthly fee you receive:

  • access to the tutorial database
  • access to files to download
  • access to courses (every week there is a new mini-course regarding ArchiCAD, Artlantis, Twinmotion, from February Rhino, Grassshopper or Lumion) – other programs in preparation
  • access to the forum
  • access to monthly webinars 2x a month
  • access to ArchiCAD live courses 4x a year (annual account)
  • access to individual 1:1 assistance (annual account)
  • access to the group on Facebook

The exception is the interior design course, which gives you access to your annual account.


$45 $25 / month
  • tutorials
  • online courses
  • webinars 2x month
  • downloads
  • forum
  • 1:1 help
  • access to ArchiCAD live course 4/ year


$450 $250 / year
  • tutorials
  • online courses
  • webinars 2x month
  • downloads
  • forum
  • 1:1 help
  • access to ArchiCAD live course 4/ year

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